Slow Culture

The “Slow Life” is a cultural shift toward slowing our way of life and to a greater enjoyment of it. Based on a return to the appreciation of natural time doing pleasurable and holiday activities.

Consider the tips below to stay and manage the services we provide under the requirements of the days in which we live today. (Satellite tv, wifi internet, mobile phone)

  • Look at little or no clock
  • Try not to watch news these days rest
  • Try not to open your mails, connect to social networks or any internet activity
  • Let your family hotel phones just so they know where to locate and turn off your cell phone completely. Are your holidays!
  • Do not get locked in her suite, out to enjoy the forest and outdoor angostura.
  • Do not enclose in the gym, take a walk and some fresh air with the mountain air.
  • On vacation, try to slow down; not try to get everything that we want to see and visit.
  • If you follow these tips and results only in the next 48 Hs joins such vera hotel culture. (Ground wire) then tells !!!
  • This coupled with our concept of low environmental impact + self service system where you own your time to enjoy our mountain home, resulting in a break according to this mountain village in the middle of Patagonia Argentina (VLA).

“Slowly it goes away”