You can practice all types of fishing: trolling, spinning and fly fishing; but undoubtedly geography and excellence of fish fauna make the fly fishing is the star. As for recommended fishing spots in the town it is recommended:

Drafty River mouth, one of the points of fly fishing for excellence. Here’s record beat a river fishing with a trout of 11 kg. Additional fishing permit ($ 5 per day, $ 60 per season) is required.

Arroyos huemul, La Estacada and Regintuco; Rio Bonito; across Lake Nahuel Huapi, mouth of the Rio Machete; Totoral river and Pireco in Arm Corner; Mirror Lake, Mirror Lake and Chico Drafty.

Regarding the type of scholarships trolling- boat fishing, it is recommended:

Arm Angostura (the area of the Peninsula Quetrihué)

Machete Rincón and Ultima Esperanza

Start of season November 1 through March 29