Puyehue´s thermals

Las Ramblas recommends that you visit the Termas de Puyehue; inserted into one of the most beautiful places in the south of Chile, where he continues by introducing a new style of hospitality elite Chile.Termas Puyehue is located in Puyehue National Park, a nature sanctuary 107,000 acres of beautiful forests, rivers and lakes . Among the main attractions of the Puyehue Park, one of most visited national parks in the Tenth Region, are biodiversity of flora and fauna, waterfalls Del Indio, The Princess and The Boyfriends, gaps Mirror, The Cup lakes El Encanto, Chico y Toro Toro.

Here you can enjoy heated swimming pools, hiking, calgatas

Puyehue is located close to major cities as Osorno, Puerto Varas, Frutillar, Puerto Montt and just beyond the city of Valdivia.